Qi Gong

What is Qi Gong?


Qigong is a Chinese phrase that means "practice or working with life energy". Qi means life energy and gong means work or practice.  This practice includes a series of easy, gentle, slow, and mindful physical movements and mind calming exercises originating in China and developing internationally over centuries to improve health and harmony.  Qi Gong is a practice to optimize your health. Top ^


What are the Components of Qi Gong?


Qigong is a practice that helps us release resistance to our lives through easy and gentle movements, posture, breathing exercises, self massage, intention and awareness.  The movements of the body and the exercises of the mind relax us so that the life force of energy (qi) flows naturally, allowing us to meet our lives fully and comfortably. Top ^


What are the Benefits of Qi Gong?


Sometimes we automatically and unconsciously resist when life’s physical, mental, and/or emotional challenges seem too difficult for us to handle.  This resistance causes our bodies to tighten and our minds to contract, often without us being aware in the moment it is happening.  The results can lead to muscle tension, physical pain, disease, feeling overwhelmed, having difficulty prioritizing, feeling a general low grade fatigue and/or dissatisfaction with our lives.

Qi Gong practiced on a regular basis elicits the relaxation response which in turn allows the immune system to work for our health rather than for crisis.. The slow gentle movements increase range of motion and flexibility as well as activate the lymph system to do its job of removing toxins. The breathing and mind exercises teach us to be mindful and able to concentrate with more ease. Top ^



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