What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a form of Qi Gong.  It looks like a slow, gentle dance. Tai Chi is a series of coordinated movements that flow one into the other. It can be learned as a health and/or martial art practice. Our group leads classes as a healing arts practice. Top ^

What is Tai Chi Easy Practice?

Tai Chi Easy is a trade marked variation of one of the many forms (movement sequences) within Tai Chi. It is one type of Tai Chi, that is a shorter form which is easier to learn than some of the much longer and intricate forms. Among the myriad forms of Tai Chi that one can learn Tai Chi Easy is a simple but powerful introduction to core movements of Tai Chi providing a strong foundation from which to explore additional movements found in other forms of Tai Chi. All Tai Chi forms spring from the common ancestry of Qi Gong. The benefits of Tai Chi and Tai Chi Easy have been embraced by people all over the world. Top ^


What is Integral Tai Chi?
What are "Experienced Classes"?


These classes are for students who have studied these practices with me for several years and are familiar with the movements of Qigong, Tai Chi Easy and Integral Tai Chi. When a beginning regular class has been continuing together for several sessions (Fall Winter Spring Sessions) they usually request more specialized movements, added forms and time for individualized feedback. These are provided for in the "experienced" classes.

Once you are familiar with Qi Gong and Tai Chi Easy practices, the next step in continued learning is to study Integral Tai Chi which incorporates the basics of Tai Chi Easy and expands the core moves to deepen and strengthen your practice. Integral Tai Chi remains a simplified version of traditional Tai Chi which involves many long forms. The focus of Integral Tai Chi is to provide a strong foundation without the frustration of trying to learn hundreds of moves during years of study. Integral is accessible to all, can be learned easily and yet has profound positive affects on your health, well-being and outlook on life. Top ^


What are the Benefits of Tai Chi (Tai Chi Easy and Integral Tai Chi)?

We teach Tai Chi Easy and Integral Tai Chi as healing art practices to improve circulation, balance, range of motion, and to calm the nervous system. Another benefits that may result from practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis includes improving cognitive functions. Most importantly Tai Chi Easy relaxes the body, calms the mind, and lifts the spirit. Top ^




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