About Us

What can you tell me about the Transformative Practices Group?

We are a group of like-minded practitioners in that we have one specific focus: to assist individuals and organizations function in holistically healthy ways. We come from diverse backgrounds including higher education, mental health, and medical services. We are tenured professors, licensed counselors, nurses, and allopathic as well as naturopathic physicians. We are also artists and organizational development consultants.

Our group is dedicated to integrative health care for ourselves and others. We do not see a dichotomy between mind and body rather we work with individuals and groups to understand how mind, body, and spirit are all of one piece.

What have you accomplished?

We have created Complementary Health Care departments on the college level and for a community hospital. In our work we bring the best research based alternative practices into Western mainstream medical care. We serve those who are challenged by illness and chronic health issues, and we are also committed to those who are interested in maintaining good health through developing a lifestyle that supports their goal.

Our services include classes in Qi Gong, Tai Chi Easy,Restorative and Gentle Yoga, and Stress Management; Lifestyle Coaching; and consulting to organizations seeking to offer their constituents or employees better health opportunities.


Who is the principle consultant /instructor ?

Carol Mielo Swerzenski is the principle consultant and coordinator of services for the Transformative Practices Group. Her career history includes management positions in publishing and technology organizations; tenured professor of psychology; director of two counseling centers in a liberal arts college and medical school; and now a consultant in the field of comprehensive/integrative health care. She has been a daily practitioner of Qi Gong for over 22 years, meditation practice (19 years) started after Qi Gong and my Tai Chi practice has continued for over 12 years. These practices, as well as her training as a stress management consultant, have informed her decisions and shaped her values and lifestyle. Her style of teaching, coaching, leading, and just plain living is a direct result of decades of bringing Transformative practices into her daily life.

Carol and her group are ready to work with any individual or group interested in learning new or better ways to live a lifestyle that promotes optimum health and well being.