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winterThe challenging winter has yet to fully melt away. Some of our backyard scenes are still heaped in white. Snow has kept even the hardy snow drop bulbs slumbering awaiting some soft melting. We all were doing "slow movement". Slow steps through multiple feet of snow. If our feet went fast they might slip right out from under us. That is not the type of "grounding" we are hoping for in our practice. This year I did not schedule winter classes but since many expressed an interest Angela Raymond took on the snow challenge and offered a series during January and February. It was an experiment. The experiment was more successful than in past seasons. .winter I was able to attend several of those sessions held in Gardner, Massachusetts and it was a "transformative" experience for me. It was successful in re-affirming my belief we should all partake of some type movement activity along with "hibernation" during the coldest of winter months. This year we were all forced to stay inside at least part of the time and just let the snow come down but to be able to "move" with a group of fellow winter travelers can really warm your heart. Now is the time to venture out hunt for the first spring bulbs starting to reach up toward the sky you may have to shovel off some of the snow but they are down close to the earth waiting for a good sun bath. We will move again in new classes starting at the very end of March moving though APRIL and rounding up in May.

Schedule -- Starting Monday 27 March, 2017 ^

wachusett meadowSPRING classes will start March 2017. SERIES SPRING MEDITATIVE MOVEMENT starting at one special location on main street in Westminster, MA . Almost all classes are open to new students. New students are integrated into one of the special Qi Gong Tai Chi class for ongoing, experienced students. Experienced students are those who have taken a series with Carol and are ready to move to a more flowing form of Tai Chi movements that integrate a wider array of styles. Students who have taken classes before will benefit by moving to a deeper level of understanding when continuing to take classes since each session series is both "the same" and "different" bringing new ideas, thoughts, movements and weaving them into familiar patterns that you have moved to before.. There is current great mix of experienced and several new students who have already signed up for this new 2017 spring series.

Monday Class

Qi Gong / Tai Chi SPRING MEDITATIVE MOVEMENT starting 27 March, 2017 class

Slightly new time and format for this new series. We are starting 15 minutes earlier to add in more "introductory / review" time which will continue until 5:45 when we switch to Qi Gong & Integral Tai Chi "Moving in the Season" part of the session. All new students will start at 5:15 and experienced students are also welcome starting at 5:15. Everyone gets more practice time.

5:15 PM to 5:45 PM Introduction to Integral Tai Chi "Step-By-Step"
5:45 PM to 6:45 PM Qi Gong & Integral Tai Chi "Moving in the Season"

This class contains a mixture of simple movements and gestures which are repeated often so you can benefit from the meditative quality of each movement. The individual nature of Qi Gong and Tai Chi allows for each person to gain from the experience in their own way and in their own pace. This class has been offered in various forms over several years so there is a wonderful group of experienced students who are continuing their practice each season that we offer the Tai Chi / Qi Gong course. This season the session is called: SPRING MEDITATIVE MOVEMENT

Experienced students who have been studying this practice for at least a year (two or more previous class series) can join an experienced class. One of my core teachers, Roger Jahnke, insisted we learn the forms exactly.  He said once we were grounded in the form, we could improvise. In this class,  Tai Chi remains the same, but Qi Gong is transforming in a few new ways. Are you ready for more practice of Qi Gong and Tai Chi and want to experiment a little with the form join this class which has a splash of serendipity running through the movements. Both Angela and I will be helping you move into spring.

Transformative Practices

Video Refreshers ^

med-qigong1There have been many requests from both beginner and experienced students for "review videos" of some of the movements and sequences we use in our classes. There are several videos posted here which may help you to better remember / visualize the movements associated with some of the Tai Chi classes and Qi Gong classes. I recently worked with the Healing Wave Trio using Qi Gong movements set to the wonderful sounds created by Bernadette Yao and the Healing Wave Trio. I have included links to clips of the event that Bernadette posted to You Tube this month If there was a past event you are interested in seeing again in the future let us know through e-mail: carolepractices@ gmail.com






Past Events & Videos ^

class-littleton.During the spring of 2014 there were several events that were scheduled more are planned for 2015. One example was a Mindful Retreat held in April 2014 in Harvard, Massachusetts and a special afternoon concert / movement event in Littleton, Massachusetts with the Healing Wave Trio. littleton-part1

“Magnificence” Part 2, Movement, Healing Wave Trio

Part 2: The Healing Wave Trio performs “Magnificence” music and words by Deva Premal, Miten, along with Carol Swerzenski, Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructor and the audience singing and moving with the music. Energy healing through music and movement. Healing Music Concert performed by the Healing Wave Trio, featuring Bernadette Yao (voice, guitar), Deanna Johnson (flute), Rebecca Swett (harp). Filmed in the Congregational Church of Littleton, MA. Video by Michael McEachern
© 2014 Yao Music

Class Session Information ^


Qi Gong & Tai Chi Easy ^

Before there was Tai Chi there was Qi Gong. Before martial arts gathered momentum within Western countries, Qi Gong was practiced. Qi Gong is the foundation. It is the ancient practice from which both martial arts and meditative practices find core principles. Part of every Tai Chi class includes the foundational preparations, steps and exercises which are part of a Qi Gong practice. Explore this ancient practice that involves breathing exercises, simple movements, and mind calming exercises. more>

Tai Chi Easy ^

This an "easy" form of Tai Chi which concentrates on a simple series of movements that can be practiced by individuals. Many traditional Tai Chi classes contain long series of complex moves which sometimes discourage students from continuing the form. Tai Chi Easy shifts the emphasis toward essential core movements that can be easily adapted for each person. This foundation work can lead to greater understanding of the ancient practices. The simple series can be incorporated more easily into your daily routines and therefore can lead to a healthier and more balanced life. more>

Open Classes

When you start with a Qigong and Tai Chi Easy Class there are:
brief introductory remarks followed by breathing exercises, mind calming or meditation practice, posture awareness, self-massage and simple movement (silently and with music). All movements can be done sitting or standing so students with a variety of abilities (disabilities) can be accommodated. If you want to find an easy and enjoyable way to increase vitality, calm your mind, and support your immune system to function optimally, come learn about Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  These ancient practices can lead to a healthier and more balanced life. Each class uses mindful movement as a foundation from which to learn how to deal with the dilemmas and the joys of life. Classes and workshops are held in Central Massachusetts locations >

Integral Tai Chi ^

Experienced Classes

These classes are for students who have studied these practices with me for several years and are familiar with the movements of Qigong, Tai Chi Easy and Integral Tai Chi. When a beginning regular class has been continuing together for several sessions (Fall Winter Spring Sessions) they usually request more specialized movements, added forms and time for individualized feedback. These are provided for in the "experienced" classes.

Once you are familiar with Qi Gong and Tai Chi Easy practices, the next step in continued learning is to study Integral Tai Chi which incorporates the basics of Tai Chi Easy and expands the core moves to deepen and strengthen your practice. Integral Tai Chi remains a simplified version of traditional Tai Chi which involves many long forms. The focus of Integral Tai Chi is to provide a strong foundation without the frustration of trying to learn hundreds of moves during years of study. Integral is accessible to all, can be learned easily and yet has profound positive affects on your health, well-being and outlook on life.

WHERE are classes located? ^

Transformative Practices Group holds classes and workshops in several key locations. This enables us to serve individuals from Central MA and North Central MA & Southern NH, area communities including: Transformative Practices Group holds classes and workshops in four key locations:

Right off Route 2 in Westminster MA --> Westminster

For summer events in Central MA at a wildlife sanctuary in Princeton MA --> Princeton This enables us to serve individuals from Central MA and North Central MA & Southern NH, area communities including:

North Central MA:
Ayer, Shirley, Westminster, Gardner, Fitchburg, Leominster, Lancaster, Ashburnham, Ashby, Devens, Townsend, Pepperell, Princeton, Sterling

Metro west & Central MA
Worcester, Holden, Boxboro, Still River, Stow, Littleton, Bolton, Berlin, Boylston, Hudson

Southern New Hampshire:
Brookline NH, Wilton NH, Greenville NH, Milford NH, Rindge NH, Jaffrey NH
For more information about locations and driving distances see locations page.

WHEN are classes scheduled? ^

Transformative Practices Group holds classes and workshops throughput the year. There is usually a break during June, July and most of August to accommodate participant holiday and vacation plans. Full class schedule begins at all locations in the Fall.

Fall Series (September / October)
Fall series starts mid September continuing for six weeks through October with enrollments starting late August and early September.

Late Fall Series (November / December)
November series has a registration period during late October with classes starting in November through the early part of December.

We usually schedule a winter break for the holidays and the first part of the new year.
(mid-December through January no classes scheduled)

Winter series (February / March)
Winter classes usually begin early February. Classes continue February and March. Depending on travel and instructor training schedules there is sometimes time for an

Spring series (April / May)
Spring classes start in March and continue through mid May

Summer Events (August) ^
We have the usual summer break for June July to accommodate vacation plans but during late summer (usually during August) we plan several special events such as an "Appreciation Event" where we offer a free outdoor session to our current class participants. In past years this event has taken place in Princeton Massachusetts at the Audubon Sanctuary. in Princeton Massachusetts.

How Can We Help You? ^

To get started you may want to begin by asking yourself some basic questions >:

Are you are interested in complementary health care and integrative practices?

Do you want to learn more about the healing arts of: Qi Gong or Tai Chi Easy?

Are you searching for a way to transform stress into vital yet calm energy?

Does your organization need a boost to morale, health, benefits & / or productivity? more>

If your answer is yes to one or several of these questions, please explore this site for information that may meet your needs.
Answers to these questions are found within this web site.
For personalized responses e-mail Carol Swerzenski at: carolepractices@ gmail.com



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